30 September, 2022

The National Chess Championship Superior Category begins 2021

Memory and concentration in Chess competition. photo VD: Yaneth Estrada.
By Yaneth Estrada

El Salvador started this weekend with the first and second rounds of the Superior Category National Chess Championship 2021, organized by the Salvadoran Chess Federation (FSA). 

The event has the participation of 21 athletes, who will seek to be the new national monarch, while the defending champion, in recent 6 years, is Lemnys Arias.

Chess Competition, moment of pure concentration. photo VD: Yaneth Estrada.

For the moment, Armando Pérez remains in first place since he added 2 points in the general table, then they are located with 1.5 units to Kalvin Sura, Marvin guevara, Rolando Ayala, Ricardo Chávez and Moisés Melara, the great match between the champion Lemnys Arias against Héctor Chávez is expected.

Marlon vasquez, event referee explained that “This tournament will be played on seven dates and they will qualify 4 to the next phase, to the semifinal stage from which the Absolute Champion of El Salvador will emerge year 2021. It will also award points to make up the largest selection”, so he detailed it.

Chess Competition. photo VD: Yaneth Estrada.

According to the bases of competence, the first phase will be played under the Swiss System for SEVEN rounds, using the Swiss Manager Chess tournament management program, taking as a criterion for the elaboration of the matches the National Rating for all categories.

This is how in the phase 2, the first 4 places, after completion of phase I, play the best of two games using the Wimbledon System, on the stage: semifinal.

Silence and concentration in Chess competition. photo VD: Yaneth Estrada.

Therefore the final will be played to the best of four games, The players who obtain at least 2 ½ points, in the match.