Outrageous: a mother accused of killing her daughter played the girl's favorite song during the first trial hearing

Vina del Mar, 24 September 2020. Personal de la PDI detiene a la madre de Ambar Cornejo y la traslada al cuartel de la Brigada de Homicidios Sebastian Cisternas/ Aton Chile.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Chile – The attitude of Ámbar Cornejo's mother, a teenage girl murdered in August last year, was seen as a provocation by the authorities. The woman began to listen to the favorite song of the deceased minor, something that was noticed by other relatives of the victim.

The perpetrators of the crime are the mother of the young woman, Denisse Llanos and her partner, Bustamante Juice, who has an extensive medical record, including the murder of her ex-partner and her son. For the cause of Amber, The two defendants are tried for femicide and rape of the young woman from 16 years whose body was hidden by his mother.

The murder occurred in Villa Alemana, a 155 kilometers from Santiago and this trial is expected to have a maximum duration of 20 days.

Bustamante was on probation granted by the Valparaíso Court of Appeals, after being sentenced in 2005 for the murder of her partner and her nine-year-old son. He cut her throat and then buried her. For the cause he was known as the Drum Psycho.

To the 22 years, the accused had already committed thefts and robberies with the use of force, so he spent his first six years in prison.