Outrage in social networks expulsion of young Banda El Salvador Great as Its People

By Maria Teresa Perez

Indignation and rejection showed Salvadorans users in social networks, for the expulsion of Andy Lovos, one of the young members of the “Band El Salvador Great as Its People” who traveled to the US to participate in the Tournament of Roses Parade, in Pasadena, California.

The news of the expulsion of Lovos went viral on social networks and so far unaware of the reasons why Lovos, He was taken from the ranks of the band, by the sheriff of Los Angeles County.

Voice Diaspora attempted to communicate with Enot Rubio, one of the organizers of the trip of the delegation that participated on Wednesday in the edition 131 of the Rose Parade and other events.

According to information circulating on social networks, Lovos was separated from the band in early Decembers, before the motorcade travel to the US.

further, it was learned that a Salvadoran diplomat in New York, He paid the airfare for traveling Lovos, despite the incident.

While in Los Angeles, many Salvadorans supported the young, at the time he was expelled.

Amid the controversy, community in social networks, points directly, to the director of the Salvadoran Committee El Piche, units Rubio, as well as band directors. One of them, even, He was observed arguing with the young, before the parade where he denied involvement.

Amid outrage, Salvadoran President, n watch, he joined complaints on social networks and warned that the committee El Piche will not receive more cooperation from the Government Salvadoreño, during his tenure.

"The organizers of the Big Band El Salvador as its people" never again receive a single penny from the government, and I'm sure neither of private enterprise decent ", He posted on his Facebook page.

Participants in Costa Rica solidarity with the Salvadoran musician.
Video circulating on social networks in which the time shown in Andy Lovos is expelled from the parade.