2 February, 2023

Spanish football league will build schools in El Salvador

Presidential House, San Salvador, The Savior. 2-10-2019. Photo VD / Courtesy: @Tebasjavier.
By Dennis Aguillón

The Spanish Football League, seeks to create 262 escuales dedicated to teaching the sport in Latin America, one of the Northern Triangle countries: The Savior.

The objective of this project, to combat violence and pave the way for inclusion in programs for youth and children living in vulnerable areas.

Until this year, El Salvador continues to occupy the top, in the list of the most violent countries in the region.

“We will work to eradicate social exclusion and violence against youth through this agreement”, said Javier Tebas, representative of the Spanish Football League, who participated in the signing of the agreement with the Salvadoran Government.

In signing the agreement also he participated Salvadoran President, Najib Bukele and as explained by the signatories, the idea is that, at the end of five years you are created 262 football schools that will benefit around 27,000 children and young people across the Central American country.

Authorities also, They clarified that this project will be developed progressively over the five years of the Bukele.

This project, It is featuring international cooperation, It is part of the expansion of “Plan Territorial”, developing the new Salvadoran government, to promote the participation of children and young people and involve them in society through sport.

Meanwhile, INDES president and brother of Salvadoran President, Yamil Bukele, He said: “Today we signed a historic agreement for sport, for football in general with the best league in the world that has the component to work the business name in countries. Our country can receive a total transformation through football”.