Fire at the Tropigas plant in El Salvador

Gas refueling factory catches fire in El Salvador. Photo: Courtesy of the El Salvador Fire Department.
By Yaneth Estrada

The Savior, in the municipality of Soyapango, in the afternoon, the propane gas refilling factory caught fire “Tropigas”, part of the premises was consumed by flames.

Staff of the Law Enforcement Unit (UMO) is supporting the Soyapango Police Delegation to help in the safety and isolation of nearby residents, since the gases released are highly toxic.

Gas cylinders rolling around the fire area. Photo: Courtesy of the El Salvador Fire Department.

People passing through the area alerted the institutions that provided support, the factory is located behind one of the shopping centers in Soyapango, east of the capital.

Several families in the surrounding areas experienced moments of nervous breakdown when hearing the explosions of the gas drums, Damaged homes were also reported and some vehicles parked near the plant were consumed by the flames.

Press release from the Tropigas Plant in El Salvador. Photo: Courtesy.

The Fire Department reports that Ilopango units, Barracks Central and Alameda Juan Pablo II, have been designated to attend the fire at the gas plant.

At the end of this note, the origin of the loss is unknown, at the moment, large economic losses are reported.