Fire destroys Nicaragua nursing home in

Photo: Heydi Salazar.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The nursing home Fray Francisco Dominguez, Chinandega department, He was consumed by flames Sunday 30 from December.

A short circuit would have caused the accident. The Fire Department of Chinandega worked long hours to douse the flames.

Director of asylum, Fray Francisco Solorzano, noted that 22 elders who were interned are safe, They are rescued by relief agencies and the population living around the Barrio del Rosario.

Photo: Heydi Salazar.

The elders were taken to the chapel Ermita del Rosario, located 100 meters of asylum, to be served by the Red Cross. Five of them were taken to hopital for respiratory problems and hypertension.

Expert tasks were directed by Ronald Palma, chief operating officer of the Fire Department of Chinandega, who reported that nine firefighters were affected by smoke inhalation.

Photo: Heydi Salazar.

The electricity supply was interrupted in the center of Chinandega for a few hours, to prevent the fire spreading to other housing.

Nursing home in Chinandega on fire. Elderly out of danger. Red Cross ,Firefighters,Police,MoH and organized villagers to extinguish the fire. Sunday 30 December 2018.

Posted by Heydi Salazar on Sunday, December 30, 2018