Narcolancha seized on Salvadoran coasts with drugs valued at more than $20 millions

“The drug traffickers carried an AK-47 (Assault rifle) with which they tried to attack our sailors, who made use of self-defense, resulting in a drug trafficker wounded in the leg”, said the President

In the boat were six Mexican citizens who were arrested by the authorities. Photo: Courtesy.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Savior – The Naval Force of El Salvador intercepted a narco-boat at 574 kilometers south of La Concordia, in the department of Usulután, where they were transported 800 kilos of cocaine, valued at $20 millions.

In the boat were six Mexican citizens who were arrested by the authorities, one of them was wounded after being shot by the authority that, according to official reports they were attacked with firearms.

“In El Salvador no type of crime will be tolerated. Don't come looking for trouble here.". President Nayib Bukele wrote on his social media account.

While Defense Minister Francis Merino Monroy stresses that the security policy implemented by the government makes it possible to combat all crimes, including international drug trafficking.

With this important drug seizure, there are three shipments seized by the teams of the Naval Force of El Salvador since December of last year.

In February 2022 a semi-submersible vessel was intercepted 512 nautical miles southwest of the Port of Acajutla, in the department of Sonsonate where it was seized 1.9 tons of cocaine valued at $47.5 millions.

“Every Salvadoran 2021, the Naval Force confiscated 4,156 kilos of cocaine, valued at approximately $103 millions.

The drug was in two boats south of Punta Remedios, Acajutla, Sonsonate, The Salvadoran marines achieved the seizure of the cache and the arrest of five Colombians and two Ecuadorians.