Impact finding of 751 graves of indigenous children in Canada

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The finding of at least 751 Unidentified graves in a former Catholic school for indigenous children in Canada, caused a commotion in that country.

Cowwessess First Nation Officials (Cowessess First Nation) said the graves were found at what was once the Marieval Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan within weeks of the discovery of other graves containing the remains of 215 indigenous children at the former residential school in British Columbia's Kamloops.

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations issued a statement in which it said that “the discovery (It was) horrible and shocking ”and Perry Bellegarde, head of the Assembly of that federation, He tweeted that the news of the discovery “is absolutely tragic, but not surprising ", reported the Washington Post.

Sadness and outrage in Canada

The Reuters news agency reported that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he was “terribly saddened” for the discovery at the Marieval Indigenous Residential School about 140 kilometers from the provincial capital, Regina. “The pain and trauma they feel is Canada's responsibility”, argued Trudeau.

The prime minister said in a statement that the unfortunate event was “an embarrassing reminder of systemic racism, discrimination and injustice that indigenous peoples have faced”.

While the BBC said that the Indigenous Residential School was operated by the Catholic Church since 1899 until 1997 in the area where Cowessess is now located and which was one of the most 130 Mandatory boarding schools funded by the Canadian government and run by religious authorities during the 19th and 20th centuries with the aim of assimilating indigenous youth.

The ghoulish finds reignited calls for accountability, especially to the Catholic entities that ran most of the schools, that according to the authorities some have not released records that can help identify the missing children or locate the graves. Calls for the removal of monuments to Canadian leaders who established the residential school system also rose..