26 November, 2022

Ilobasco will dress in culture, with the First Heliconia Flower and Garden Festival 2022

After more than 20 years of hard work, it's time to celebrate "FIRST FESTIVAL OF FLOWERS AND GARDENS”, HELICONIAS 2022.

Ramon Rivas / Social and cultural anthropologist

The Savior – My Ilobasco of memories will be partying. No one is born with culture I have always said. Culture becomes the culture of learning.

Peoples who want to live in healthy coexistence must learn by living together, valuing and educating, day by day and that starts in the family and it is in the school where it is reinforced.

It is urgent to educate the family.

Culture and respect for the natural and social environment must go hand in hand, only in this way will we have societies ready for development in all its aspects., tell yourself; social, the already disappeared, political and religious, key elements and extremely necessary for healthy and good coexistence and this is learned.

Being human and the environment hand in hand with a culture focused on educating in ethical values ​​that point to mutual respect among the members of the community with tolerance and valuing the importance of the culture of healthy coexistence and the environment, They will take us on the right path as peoples and therefore to the development of the country.

All this is possible to achieve, but it is part of a process of education and permanent perseverance.

After more than 20 years of hard work, it's time to celebrate “FIRST FESTIVAL OF FLOWERS AND GARDENS”, HELICONIAS 2022.


Carriages with princesses and queens, of many of our projects.

Children's day celebration, Danza, Coronation, Blessing of projects, El Salvador Orchestra, concert, dawn


First National Heliconias Floral Design Contest, cycling, runners, family walk, visit to parks planted with multiple and varied species of Heliconias.

I have enjoyed, I enjoy and closely follow this great project that began like a dream long ago 32 years in the Agua Zarca canton as a “heliconia garden”, (we now know that place as the cathedral of flowers) and that later became ASE- Heliconias in the San José Canton, being now a great and true reality forming the cultural nucleus, anthropological and economic partner of the entire project.

Sleep, we dream of seeing our beloved country planted with Heliconias. Dreams come true and we are on the right path. Heliconias of the forest in the San José canton, municipalities.., as a nucleus it is the example and now many and many more municipalities that have valued the initiative follow, now your own initiative. Culture, human being and environment hand in hand for a small, but great country, The Savior.