17 August, 2022

They identify a body located on the banks of the Jute River

Wendy Aracely Cortez Lopez. Photo: Courtesy.
By Deysi Dominguez

Salvadoran forensic authorities confirmed that the body that was found on the banks of the El Jute river, Liberty Harbor, The Savior, last 31 of July, corresponds to Wendy Aracely Cortez López, of 27 year old, who was abducted in the vicinity of her residence.

The complaint of Wendy's disappearance was issued last 8 of June, and from that moment the relatives placed the search alert in the Police, and in social networks with the illusion of finding her.

According to the police report, the young woman was intercepted when she entered the El Jute neighborhood, with purchases from the municipal market. The body was discovered by chance, by workers who manipulated excavation machinery and who built huts on the banks of the river, in front of the La Esperanza neighborhood.