IATA and ASLA urge the Salvadoran government to reconsider new agricultural tariff

El Salvador International Airport, Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero and Galdámez.
Photo: Courtesy of the Autonomous Executive Port Commission.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The International Air Transport Association (THERE IT IS, for its acronym in English) and the Salvadoran Association of Airline Representatives (NEVER) They have asked the government of El Salvador to reconsider the application of an agricultural tariff of US $ 3.50 to passengers entering the country.

The industry recognizes the importance of phytosanitary safety and the need to safeguard the animal and plant health of El Salvador, to protect the country from the serious economic and social damage caused by pests and diseases.

But nevertheless, Charging US $ 3.50 to incoming passengers — taking into account current volumes and the projected recovery of aviation in El Salvador — would yield an annual income in the range of three to four million dollars..

Although the industry did not have access to the risk assessment and the calculations that support the amount, It is estimated that this income will exceed the real cost of the services included in said rate and, even, the annual collection of other government entities associated with the

At the same time, IATA and ASLA underscore the inopportune moment in the conjuncture of the COVID-19 pandemic to establish this charge, that represents the 10% of all charges and airport taxes included in the air ticket, which will increase the cost of traveling to El Salvador and discourage air travel.

Taking into account the commitment of President Nayib Bukele to keep aviation competitive in the country as a key element in the economic recovery, the government is asked to reconsider the
implementation of collection and develop other options in conjunction with the industry.