Hurricane Eta becomes a tropical storm and continues in Central America

Photo: Courtesy.
By Anayansi Rivas

El Salvador woke up with scattered rains, cold and strong winds, some educational institutions that had not followed the orders of the Ministry of the Environment, they intended to continue with their administrative activities, realizing the magnitude of damage and risks to which they were exposed, They decided to suspend work and will resume until Monday 9 of November.

In Honduras, north of San Pedro Sula, a victim was registered. It is a minor, who died from the collapse of a house.

This is what the sky looks like in the morning hours in Salvadoran territory.
Courtesy photo: Melani de Contreras.

In Nicaragua, in the municipality of Bonanza, In the north of the Caribbean, two adults died as a result of the collapse of an artisanal mine where they worked.

The rains are reluctant to leave the Central American territory, reason why the evacuations of families continue, due to river overflows, road closures and power outages.

Courtesy photo: Melani de Contreras

According to the National Hurricane Center in Miami (HNC, for its acronym in English), tropical depression is forecast to be present through the weekend.