Huawei launches book about its history and rise to global market

By Elida Moreno

The book "Huawei: Leadership, Culture and Connectivity "is a compilation of the history of the Chinese company and the evolution of the corporate philosophy of the founder.

The work was written by Tian Tao, with the collaboration of David de Cremer and Wu Chunbo, collects a series of anecdotes and personal experiences of Ren Zhengfei, as well as interviews with more than 130 Company executives, from a personal perspective that invite the reader to enter the origin and development of Huawei.

The company started as a distributor of telecommunications equipment, It was founded in 1987 by Zhengfei with a capital of 21,000 yuan, less than 3,000 Dollars, with an innovative vision for its time.

Thirty years later, It ranks among the most successful Chinese companies with a presence in more than 170 countries, and connecting more than one-third of the world population with technologies, cutting-edge products and solutions, according to the company.

The commercial director of Enterprise Solutions, Huawei in Panama, Edwin Campos, said bringing the history of the company to a book it represents an important milestone for the industry, Since it is an example of success that can serve other entrepreneurs to achieve goals.

"This book confirms that there really is a business balance, in which customers are the main players in the model ", he added.

It is the first time the work is published in Spanish in a commemorative edition by LID Editorial Mexicana; above it has been translated into Korean, English, Japanese, Russian and Vietnamese.

Innovation Director of the National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT), Victor Sanchez, He stressed that part of the success of Huawei, the large investment made in research and development should be.

The Chinese company operates from headquarters Panama regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean, besides having several training centers.

Huawei is a provider of information technology infrastructure and communications (TIC) and intelligent devices with integrated solutions in four key areas: telecommunications networks, information technology, smart devices and cloud services.

The company claims that its investments are focused on basic research, focusing on global technological advances. Nowadays, It employs over 180,000 contributors.