Hongmeng, the new operating system Huawei

Photo: Marlon Hernandez.
By Hector Murcia

Technological cold war between China and the United States, the two world economic powers, It is far from over.

As the company had already announced Huawei through its CEO, Richard Yu, before the blockade imposed by the US government, in a few months they would launch its own operating system for devices manufactured.

This is how today has released the name of the system that will replace the Huawei Android devices.

The website “Huawei Central” It was the first to confirm the name of this new operating system: Hongmeng OS, that has been developing since the 2012.

Huawei has registered the name “Huawei Hongmeng” in the Trademark Office of China's National Copyright Administration, the expiration date 13 May 2029, which it shows that the company has long-term plans regarding their devices.

The operating system will be available from autumn, first in China and later in the rest of the world.

This system will replace Android in new phone models, but it will continue to support devices already on the market. further, The company explained that it will be compatible with Android applications and continue to use Google services like Google Play or Gmail.

Meanwhile, specialized website on the Android system, andro4all.com, specifies that one of the curiosities of the name chosen by the company is that Hong Meng Meng also -or Hung Hung Mung- or is a Taoist text character Zhhuangzi, something like a sage of the time and that in modern Chinese language, Hongmeng significa: “the primordial world”.

Huawei, world's second largest mobile phone maker

Colombian journalist Jaime Dueñas, I noted in an article for the digital portal enter.co, that according to data from IDC, Huawei currently has a market share of mobile phones around the world 19%, ahead of Apple (11,7%) and only behind Samsung (23,1%).

With these numbers in favor of Huawei and the arrival of its new operating system, Google risks being one-fifth of the world market stop using its main products like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play y Youtube.