Man dies on a street in Madrid is stripped of his belongings

photo courtesy: @police
By Dennis Aguillón

It was a very cold night (1 degree) Péndulo street in the neighborhood of Valdebernando in Madrid. Here the body was a man of about 50 year old.

He had no coat, clothing, and everything pointed shoes that had been the victim of theft.

A passerby who was walking down the street at dawn gave notice to the police. After the alert, the Municipal and National police arrived to take a report.

In the process, the agents notified the Samur doctors and thus determined the causes of death.

According to the first police report, the reason for the presence of the deceased on this street is unknown, What could be determined is that he was the victim of theft, he did not have his coat with him, shoes, clothing, wallet, and jewelry.

The identity of the victim could not be identified due to not having documentation. Doctors determined that the cause of death was heart attack, as it had no signs of violence.

Similarly, the police determined that the subject was stripped of his belongings when he was already dead.

Now the police are pending to determine if the thieves were residents of the area or someone who was passing through the site.