He kills his wife and commits suicide in Valencia man police arrived

Photo: @@police
By Dennis Aguillón

A woman 29 year-old was killed in Alboraya, in Valencia, Spain. According to sources close to the victim, she had announced he wanted to break the relationship that had already 7 years.

The crime occurred at one early Monday, but it was discovered until Tuesday morning.

Police went past the 9:30 a.m. housing for women, after the announcement of the mother, who called scared to 112, because "Beatriz" had not come to work. On the arrival at home, the police found the body of the victim.

Viorel Parfene of 49 years of Romanian origin, author of this crime, Vacuum was precipitated from the fifth floor to avoid arrest. He previously tried to kill himself, opening the gas valve, making minor cuts on his wrists and injuries being caused shallow chest with a knife.

When cornered by police, he decided to jump off the balcony. medical personnel tried to resuscitate, but the severity of injuries caused his death minutes later.

According to the first investigations of the National Guard, no previous complaints consisted of gender violence in couples. The acting mayor of Alboraya, Miguel Chavarría confirmed that this is a new femicide.

Although local and regional authorities have given valid assumption that it is a sexist crime, will the Government Office for Gender Violence, the institution in charge of the case confirmed.

With this murder, would 1,000 women victims of their partners or former partners, since January 2003 till the date.

In so far this year, "Beatriz" is the fourth victim of sexist violence in the Valencian community, and the twenty-fourth in Spain.

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