10 August, 2022

Hermanos Flores will restart tour in US cities.

The Flores Brothers

By Alberto Barrera

The Los Hermanos Flores Orchestra will resume a tour of several cities in the United States in August after almost a year and a half having returned from the last one in March 2020, for having been subjected to lockdowns and restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Thank God we are going to go back to a tour", Hugo Ortega told Voice of the Diaspora, Communications Manager of the famous Vincentian Orchestra.

He said that visiting several American cities, many of them on the east coast, part of the center and some in the American west, will be held between 12 August and 20 of September.

Ortega explained that during their annual tours that normally take place between February and March, May and between August and September they generally visit Washington, New York, New Jersey, Boston, Houston, The Angels, San Francisco; Seattle in the northwest of the North American nation, and other cities but which are yet to be defined.

"At last we fulfilled what Salvadorans have waited for so long in that nation and where we are very well received", Ortega added when alluding to the good reception that the orchestra has in that country.

He also said that during the many tours they have made they have won audiences of people of other Latin American nationalities, mainly Chileans and Dominicans in Washington and New York where there are numerous colonies from both countries..

He recalled that they have visited Milan in Italy and Spain where they were in Madrid and Barcelona, where by the way many Salvadorans reside. He also said that the tour to the United States will take place prior to the celebration of the 60 years of the group and for which they are preparing a special event for the end of the year and the transmission of a documentary with the history of the orchestra founded by Don Andrés Rodríguez at the beginning of the decade of 1960.