7 February, 2023
By Dennis Aguillón

The opening tournament 2020 and Salvadoran soccer in general came to an end, very atypical, marked by pandemic, where there are highs and lows in infections and deaths.

The first of three finals is played on Friday at the Cuscatlán stadium, where Alianza Women faced Fas for the female category, the white team was looking for its fifth crown and the two-time championship.

Those directed by <Kalimba> Sosa imposed his experience and hierarchy to reverse the result and win the match with a forceful 3-1 and lift your crown five.

The last day of January, <The Colossus of Monserrrat> he would wear white again, the final would be held in the reserve category and major equipment, where the protagonist would be Alliance.

With a goal almost on the hour, in a tight match, suffered and with few scoring chances, the albos would see their faces in front of Municipal Limeño, finally Marvin Sandoval scored the goal at the minute 86 that gave them the triumph.

Thus they consolidate two-time champions and raise their ninth title to give their second joy to the alliance fans that made themselves felt in the stands, on such a special day and spirits are on the surface

The main course was served, the moment of truth arrived, the clock read three in the afternoon and the referee gave the initial whistle, Alianza disputed its eighth consecutive final against Águila.

Both hobbies set the atmosphere, yes with social distancing, and its respective mask, there was a soccer party, with the companion virus.

A dynamic match was played on the pitch, the capital team stalked the rival, dominated the meeting in all its lines, the first goal came to the minute 41 with a zapatata from Jonathan Jiménez.

The fans exploded with happiness the road to the title looked close, the first half ended with the marking in favor of the albos, In the second half, the "Tigana" Meléndez moved his pieces and gave entry to Rodolfo Zelaya.

The Salvadoran forward sent a shot that the Migueleño goal could not contain and increased the score 2-0 the set of San Miguel could not find the compass that would make them react.

The third came after Isaac Portillo finished off a ball inside the area and with the deflection of an Águila player the ball went to the back of the net.

Alliance was proclaimed champion of the opening 2020 to get his second two-time championship and his fifteenth crown.

The white institution was crowned champion in its three categories and imposed its hegemony, It is the second time that he has achieved this feat, the first was in the opening 2019.