"I've changed thousands of tires to achieve my daughters graduate from college"

“World on wheels”: Among automobile wheels and tires is the world in which he lives Elizabeth Aguilar, San Jose native of Canton Sites, in San Rafael, Chalatenango, The Savior. It owns and worker repairing tires “José Tire Service”, located in the city of Houston, Texas, U.S. 24-7-2019.
VD Photo / Alex Sanabria.
By Maria Teresa Perez

Regardless of cold or heat, for the Salvadoran Elizabeth Aguilar, no excuses for not opening its tire repair shop “José Tires”, in the city of Houston, Texas.

“This business and always working with my daughters, together as a team, We have achieved their college careers”, he commented

Cindy, Cristina and Christopher, their children, They are the engine of your life, He said. The first is a master, and the second, studying criminology. Christopher, of 17 years, He wants to be a chemist.

While smiling to greet a customer needs a tire repair, recalls begun to work from when I was just a girl, to the 12 year old.

He said he was traveling by bus from Ciudad Delgado, San Salvador, to the cavalry barracks, in La Libertad, to deliver milk cow feed soldiers in the area, during the time of the civil war in the country.

With this helped her godmother, who gave him shelter and protection, since in the 80, in the hard days of the war in Chalatenango, he had to leave the terroir where she was born, San José Canton Sites, municipality of San Rafael, in Chalatenango, The Savior.

although difficult, She knew that her parents sent her to San Salvador to protect her from the dangers of civil war. Time after, January 1 of 1989 He left for the United States. 30 years have passed since then.

The twists and turns of life

Since 18 years, this woman, white skin and expressive eyes clear coffee, tire shop open seven days a week, after her husband died after a traffic accident.

"I had never changed a tire in my life". But, after being widowed, life completely changed. He had to leave his job as an assistant nurse and care for elderly people, to face reality and do not drop the business, and her husband had managed to set up five years before that fateful accident.

"The workshop just came with my daughters to visit my husband", counted Beatriz, who now smiles at the memory he had to learn, First the basics, then become an expert at work.

His hands are showing their long hours in front of a noisy machine where clean, remove and install tire rims of all sizes.

Beatriz manipulates the airgun, commonly known as the "cat" or "hydraulic jack" so so bold that their customers are surprised.

It just takes time to wipe the sweat running down his forehead, in these days of scorching heat (95 Fahrenheit degrees) and it is immediately reset to remove the "given" or "buckets" of a vehicle tire.

"These cubes are already well-worn, it would be better to change them for safety ", He recommended a business client.

His life, marked by difficult and painful events, As he commented, They have not taken the dream of returning to El Salvador, and establish a business. "Maybe a restaurant or tire repair workshop".

“Hard work is not just for men, we women can also, We not chickened out, He is alone in wanting to do”, expresses Elizabeth, who manages and works repairing and replacing tires for more than 13 years in the space city. Houston, Texas, U.S. 24-7-2019. VD Photo / Alex Sanabria.

Many satisfied customers and ... a "machista’

usually, This type of work is done by men, for the same, it is not uncommon that they be surprised to see that a business like this lead it and observe a woman, he stated.

"I come here to repair my tires for two years, and I always leave satisfied because elsewhere do not work with the same quality ", He said Arturo De La Rosa, a customer who showed admiration for Beatrice and, in general, break schemes for women in the workplace to undertake work commonly developed by men, as in this case.

But not everything is piropo, and remember that once a man came to the workshop "Machon" that he sent to his home.

It states that the client told: "Women are to stay at home to care for children and sweep.  You should not work and less change tires ".

this observation, his trial, male chauvinist, He gave more courage not stop. I had no choice but to go ahead, regardless of the opinion of the people ", he added.

“Only with effort and sweat it goes ahead, if you fall get up, and I am raising this car”, says Elizabeth. Houston, Texas, U.S. 24-7-2019. VD Photo / Alex Sanabria.
Elizabeth Aguilar is an efficient woman at work, in a few minutes up a car with the jack to remove a tire and repair. Houston, Texas, U.S. 24-7-2019. VD Photo / Alex Sanabria.
“With increased labor force participation, Woman freed from drudgery and loneliness emancipated from the house, and earn the chance to become a complete human being in the exercise of his mind and talent, in the same way as men”, Lewis 1955. Houston, Texas, U.S. 24-7-2019. VD Photo / Alex Sanabria.
At 2008, Hillary Clinton gave an emotional speech, after being defeated by Barack Obama in the primaries of the Democratic Party. She admitted that was not able to break the “glass hardtop. If we are able to ship 50 women into space, someday we will be able to put a woman in the White House”. Global economy. Elizabeth is the same idea, He wants their children to become professionals. Houston, Texas, U.S. 24-7- 2019. VD Photo / Alex Sanabria.
Elizabeth repairs a tire to put a “patch”, this process is important to know and takes time to gain experience and do a good job, he claimed. Houston, Texas, U.S. 24-7- 2019. VD Photo / Alex Sanabria.
Elizabeth is shown as a cheerful woman, strong and tempering, however when remembering his uncle who he died of cancer, it breaks and tears roll. Houston, Texas, U.S. 24-7- 2019. VD Photo / Alex Sanabria.
“Aguilar” He says he does not care about your nails and hands are dirty, since this is the work that you feed her and her children. Houston, Texas, U.S. 24-7- 2019. VD Photo / Alex Sanabria.
For a long time, the “air gun” It has been the best weapon for the hard work that develops in your business Elizabeth tire repair. Houston, Texas, U.S. 24-7- 2019. VD Photo / Alex Sanabria.
“If women had equal opportunities to develop their full potential, the world would not only be fairer, but also more prosperous”, Kristalina Georgieva, Acting President of the World Bank.

According to the International Labor Organization, ILO, globally, women own and run over 30% of all businesses, but they tend to be concentrated in micro and small enterprises.