23 January, 2023

Haiti decided to return thousands of vaccines donated by the United States

Haiti argued that the vaccines are about to expire. Source: (Twitter)

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Haitian authorities decided to return to the United States hundreds of thousands of vaccines against the coronavirus that are about to expire, while the country registers one of the lowest vaccination figures in the world, that is to say, under the 10% according to the Pan American Health Organization (OPS).

After the decision of Haiti, the COVAX mechanism, confirmed this Wednesday that the returned doses will be allocated elsewhere to minimize any waste.

The Haitian authorities explained that the return will be in exchange for vaccines that expire until next year., so that the country's administration can establish the best method of immunization for citizens, something that for the moment has not achieved.

In July, U.S, donated half a million doses of the Moderna vaccine to Haiti through COVAX, of which less than 66.800, according to the island's Ministry of Health.

Total, 20.354 people of the 11.4 million inhabitants have completed their vaccination schedule, while more than 22.700 they got infected and almost 650 died from the disease.