technological cold war between China and the United States

Photo: Marlon Hernandez.
By Hector Murcia

Before the alarm generated in the technology sector, economic and users of the Chinese brand Huawei, the US government has had to step back and give a three-month extension, until the 19 of August, the trade ban imposed on the Asian company.

But nevertheless, in an interview published by Chinese media, the founder of the company, Ren Zhengfei, It has been said that the gesture is irrelevant and that the United States underestimates the greatness of this company, Chinese industry logo.

The positive economic effects at the announcement of the extension of veto, They were immediately on the stock exchange in New York, since Nasqad and Dow Jones indexes rose early hours of Tuesday.

The cold economic war between the US and China has grown in recent weeks. The newspaper El Pais in Spain, He notes that just last week the US government included Huawei, on a blacklist that prevents US companies doing business with it, since the accused to represent a risk to national security because of their connections with the Chinese government.

"Due, companies like Google will stop supplying software and components, so mobile terminals and tablets could lose access to some services to popular Android and Gmail and Google Maps applications. This is not very serious in China, where these applications are already blocked by censorship, but it can discourage users in the world ", says the Spanish newspaper.

In this situation, Huawei announced on Tuesday, through its CEO, Richard Yu, who they are already working on a proprietary operating system that could be ready by the end of 2019 or early 2020.

Meanwhile, the technology portal, suggests that this cold war could be motivated in part by technology 5G. Antonio Ortiz, contributor to the portal since 13 years and editorial director of Weblogs SL, reflects that: "If you're just being true to be a key technology for the next great generation of digital products and services, who arrive earlier and better, It has much to gain economically ".

While economic tensions are resolved between the two great world powers, Huawei users outside China, They are waiting for a solution that does not discard your devices. While the largest US technology, Apple, Expectant is unaffected, since much of their equipment components are built in China.