Authoritarian coup in El Salvador

By Dennis Aguillón

The crisis generated by the coronavirus has been the excuse of authoritarian governments to impose measures that have somehow violated the rights of their citizens.

According to analysts, this is the case of Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua that have put their population at risk after denying the impact of the pandemic.

In the case of El Salvador, President Nayib Bukele has pointed out the rulings of the Supreme Court of Justice, that prohibit detaining citizens who do not comply with the strict quarantine and sanitary measures imposed by the executive under the justification of saving lives.

Recently, in national chain, the Salvadoran president responded to the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice: "I would have shot them all or something like that if I was really a dictator. To save 1,000 lives in exchange for five ".

The confrontations have been permanent for anyone who contradicts or questions the policies they want to implement.

On the other hand, has also questioned the role of the media, especially of those who have investigated irregularities in government purchases to address the pandemic.

For José Miguel Vivanco, Director for the Americas of Human Rights Watch, Bukele has used the pandemic "as an excuse to concentrate power and attack the Legislative and Judicial organs, with the aim of deteriorating democratic institutions ".

“We can hardly find a more authoritative record than that of the Salvadoran president during the pandemic, among countries with democratic systems ", Vivanco stated.

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