Maduro government challenges the EU says it will not call elections

By Hector Murcia

Nicolas Maduro's government made clear and challenged it will not carry out the request of the European Union (EU) to convene transparent elections within a maximum period of eight days.

"Eight days after?" answered, Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, during his speech to the Security Council of the United Nations Organization (HIM) and these countries also said defiantly, which it is better than the group “devote their stuff” and not to intervene in the conflict promoted according to him- by President Donald Trump, with the aim of making foreign intervention in the South American country.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister also, He questioned the government's share of Spain, in what they consider an international interference in Venezuelan affairs and criticized the Spanish President, Pedro Sánchez, not to hold elections, as he promised upon taking office after the motion of censure that ousted Mariano Rajoy.

Spain, France, Germany and the UK, warned Saturday that if Nicolas Maduro, does not comply with the recommendation of the European countries within the said period, their governments recognize Juan Guaidó as the legitimate president of Venezuela.

Meanwhile, Russia's representative to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, He tried to block the session considering that the US initiative is a clear example of abuse of power as a permanent Security Council country.

Nebenzia also described the US intervention as “dirty game” and he referred to the deadline given by European countries as a “provocation”.

Meanwhile, French President, Emmanuel Macron, said in his Twitter account that “the Venezuelan people should be free to decide their future” and he reiterated in the same tweet that there were no elections, He guaidó recognizes his government as the president of Venezuela.