Government of Spain announces changes in its cabinet

Photo: Courtesy.

By Dennis Aguillón

This Saturday the Chief Executive, Pedro Sánchez, has unveiled a profound change in key positions in his cabinet in Spain.

From the Moncloa palace, Sánchez announced the changes, putting economic recovery as a priority and stating that "It involves a generational renewal, with an average age of 50 years, and with more presence of women. Its main task will be to consolidate the economic recovery ".

"The Government of Recovery begins to work. A Government of young women and men of extraordinary worth to completely overcome the worst calamity in decades and seize the unique opportunity to set up a social Spain, verde, digital and feminist; a better country ". this was emphasized by the president.

The news has taken most of the ministers and work team by surprise, they had been talking about a government crisis and possible movements, but without a specific date.

Political movements thus reduce the number of vice presidencies from four to three, but the presence of women increases. Are the 63% of the total Council of Ministers and incorporates younger figures.

In this way, the new command team is formed that will accompany Sánchez and take office next Monday. 12 of July.

Félix Bolaños have joined as ministers (Presidency), Jose Manuel Albares (Exteriors), Pilar Llop (Justice), Isabel rodriguez (Territorial Policy), Pilar Alegria (Education), Rachel Sanchez (transport) and Diana Morant (Science).

However, the president stressed that there has been "a great rejuvenation of the Government", because the average age changes from 55 a 50 years, and thanked the outgoing officials for their great work especially in the most difficult times like the Covid-19 pandemic.