Government of El Salvador honors outstanding Salvadorans in Canada

Oscar Vigil

Toronto, Glen. The government of El Salvador, through the Consulate General of El Salvador in Toronto, He handed certificates to twenty Salvadorans who have excelled in various areas of national life Canadian.

Businessmen, professionals, academic, artists, community leaders and social workers, among others, They were honored by the General Consul of El Salvador in Toronto, Kelly Arévalo, in an event that also featured Latin American folk music and typical dishes of Salvadoran cuisine.

Among the winners were the social worker Luis Carrillos, experts on migration and refugee Francisco and Loli Rico, businessman Manuel Rodriguez, academic José García, artists José González and Roberto Martinez, community leaders Eusebio Garcia and Elizabeth Araniva, and professional Karina Andrade, Pedro Bonilla and Rolando Palacio.

Similarly also received recognition community members who have distinguished themselves for their work in solidarity with El Salvador, Luis Rodríguez, Claudia Samayoa, Rodolfo Molina and Salvador Chavez, as well as artistic groups such as La Raza Band and Generations Folkloric Dance Group, and promoters of culinary arts as Yuri and Carmen Linares.

"The strength of our nation is its people, It is the community, with their struggles and dreams, sharing joys and moments of difficulty, inside and outside the country's borders. Our history has taught us that the path to progress as a nation is respecting the diversity of thoughts, always putting the welfare and rights of citizens at the center of all our actions and work, and especially to grow as members of the same family, wherever we meet will always be sisters and brothers Salvadorans ", Consul Arevalo said after handing the awards.

He explained that the territorial jurisdiction exercised by the Consulate General in Toronto is extensive, and that one of the challenges they have is to continue bringing services to where they reside Salvadoran communities. In addition to Ontario, Toronto consulate also serves Salvadoran communities living in the province of Manitoba.

To end, The diplomat thanked "the whole community, iglesias, leaders and leaders, the various associations and artistic expressions – cultural Community, Toronto Citizen Council, for the support and assistance they have had with the work done by our consulate ", and he congratulated all the winners for "a deserved recognition of outstanding Salvadorans you sons of our nation".

The certificate of recognition says this to them is delivered "For his outstanding contribution to strengthening our culture and identity, and for their valuable contributions to the development and welfare of the Salvadoran-Canadian community. Our congratulations for their achievements and merits achieved, and grow our gratitude for their painstaking work and exemplary actions this great collective work for peace, democracy and dignity of our beloved country El Salvador ".

Francisco and Loli Rico have excelled in Canada at the forefront of community organization FCJ Refugee Center, organization that works with immigrants, refugees and non-status people, and for almost 30 years has become almost the last stop where migratory people facing difficulties in the country arrive.

Eusebio Garcia is widely known in the community for his tireless work at the head of the Canadian Salvadoran Association (ASALCA), which it is the most representative Salvadoran entity of Salvadorans living in and around Toronto. Garcia also is dedicated to serving immigrants and refugees arriving in Canada.

Manuel Rodriguez meanwhile has excelled in the business world through its multimedia production company "Unikron", handling technology, and until a few years ago for being at the forefront of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Toronto.

Karina Garcia, who works in the Department of Economic Development of the City of Toronto, He has gained notoriety in supporting LABTI, Bilateral which is the Latin American Initiative, an alliance between the various consulates in Latin America and the City of Toronto to promote the commercial development of both regions.

Meanwhile, Luis Tacarres is widely known in the Canadian environment for working on the rehabilitation of young gang members from Latin America that proliferated in the early 1990 Y 2000 in Toronto, and it has become an authority on the subject.

The ceremony of awards to these outstanding Salvadorans in the province of Ontario was very emotional and was carried out within the framework of the presentation of the Report of Consular Management all diplomatic missions around the world must make in the face of delivery power to a new government in El Salvador next 1 of June.

It was scheduled that the event was chaired by the Ambassador of El Salvador in Canada, Tania Molina, but nevertheless, He did not alleging commitments activity last minute. This was harshly criticized by some attendees, who noted that throughout the period Ambassador Molina has been in office, He never has approached the Salvadoran community in Toronto and surroundings.