Government of El Salvador begins process to reform the Political Constitution

By Luis Alberto López

A special commission that will be in charge of making preparations for a proposal to reform the Political Constitution of El Salvador was presented this Saturday by the Vice President of the Republic, Felix Ulloa, whom President Nayib Bukele has appointed to this mission.

The reform proposal to the Magna Carta, seeks to adapt it to the current reality and not modify "stone" articles that determine the government system, sections on democracy, republican institutions and principles, members of the Ad Hoc Commission assure.

The members that will make up the commission are Dr.. Felix Ulloa, as team coordinator; Dr. Jose Fabio Castillo, Dr. Manuel Ernesto Escalante, Lic. Giovanni Alberto Rosales Rosagni and Lic. Adolfo Gerardo Muñoz, who will be the secretary of the table.

“The formation of this team is a starting point to start an exhaustive work, which includes listening to proposals from citizens and then formulating them in a technical forum ", expressed Vice President Félix Ulloa.

The commission will open spaces for national consultation where all Salvadorans can comment and express their ideas. The aim is to create an electronic platform where all people can send their proposals.

According to the current Political Constitution, only the deputies of the Legislative Assembly have the initiative of law to request constitutional reforms, in a first legislature they can be approved by a simple majority of the votes (43 of 84) and in a second legislature the constitutional reforms must be ratified by at least the qualified majority (56 votes).

The current Primary Law of El Salvador was approved in December 1983, after a coup in 1979 which led to the formation of a Constituent Assembly in 1982.

The most important reforms occurred as a result of the peace accords signed in 1992 between the government of then President Alfredo Cristiani and the FMLN guerrilla command.