Government of El Salvador denounces corruption case bypass La Libertad

Photo / Ministry of Public Works El Salvador

By Kriss Recinos

Ten boxes with documents that prove the irregularities found in the project construction of bypass of La Libertad were taken this morning to the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) by Minister of Public Works of El Salvador, Romeo Herrera Rodríguez.

“We will not allow this kind of corruption in the country. The previous administration said it was a transparent ministry, They spoke fairly transparent and it seems that there was none”, the official said on arrival at the headquarters of the Public Ministry.

The documents submitted correspond to the administrations of Gerson Martinez and Eliud Ayala and the company involved is CONCRESCOL-Eben Ezer, he received a payment of five million dollars without the design had been approved. Such a design should have taken six months to be presented and the company did in a year. At this time, the progress of the work is just the 18 percent.

Rodriguez also said that money bought machinery that had no connection with the work and contract managers of the Ministry of Public Works coerced support the company, even with the resources of his ministry.

The case will also be investigated by the International Commission Against Impunity in El Salvador (CICIES).