Argentine government rejects proposal of the Catholic Church to celebrate masses

For Recinos Kriscia, Argentina

In the middle of the quarantine, what sum 40 days, the Catholic Church of Argentina asked the Government for authorization to resume its activities and celebrate mass with parishioners.

Despite the fact that there is gradual flexibility to resume some activities in the country and that the Catholic authorities promised to take the necessary measures, the Argentine government denied the request.

President Alberto Fernández received a letter from the episcopal conference requesting the gradual opening of the temples, in order to celebrate masses again.

Church and government officials met to discuss the details, and although the Catholic representatives assured that they would resume their activities with a smaller number of people and with distance in the seats, the government's response was not favorable.

The negative, was confirmed by the Episcopal Conference which said in a statement: "In response to the request made by the Executive Commission to the national government, the secretary of worship, doctor Guillermo Olivieri, conveyed that national authorities will continue to evaluate the consultation, but for now it is necessary to maintain the current prevention and isolation measures that affect religious celebrations ".

This week President Fernández met with representatives of the Argentine Federation of Evangelical Churches who made their temples available if it is necessary to use them as isolation centers..