11 August, 2022

Get Back: The Beatles in 1969, a concert on the terrace

The Beatles, the concert of 40 minutes they took on the terrace of the Apple record label building in London in January 1969.: Courtesy.
By Alberto Barrera

Pittsburg, California – What I liked the most about the long documentary Get Back by The Beatles was the concert of 40 minutes they performed on the terrace of the Apple record company building in London in January 1969.

The rest, almost eight hours, it was tedious, although it must be recognized that the four musicians did their best because it was not, but it was. Despite Disney's publicity.

With the words “Fantastic”, “intimate” e “historical” Academy Award-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson described the 57 hours of video and 130 hours of audio that he reviewed to make the documentary, certainly hard work, but another thing is how the public and communicators received it.

On the makeshift stage on the terrace of Apple Recording Studios, The Beatles gave their last concert before stunned passers-by, Nearby employees or residents who sparked their enthusiasm for the band or called the police because of the noise they were making that they didn't like.

It was a major attempt to seat the Liverpool fab four to motivate their creativity or rehearse for that concert they discussed and which could have been held in an old theater in Sabratha on the shores of the Mediterranean in Libya., but that in the end it was on that terrace whose images and audios were heard in the film Let it Be by 1970 next to the long duration of the same name. That year they parted.

For a month they tried, but only in 22 they worked or joked. They were sparkling at times, or absorbed in others. Creative or tangled, they had fun or argued, analytical or superficial. They tried to look cheerful with so much camera around them in a huge Twickenham studio that looked more like an industrial warehouse.

In one of the tense moments George Harrison leaves furious and Paul and Ringo talk with glassy eyes. Paul thinks it's the end of the band. Soon the other three move, they speculate, The four of them meet at Ringo's house and do not reach agreements. Then they come back and keep strumming their guitars, playing the drums and cymbals, rehearsing on the piano or keyboards, or by humming some of their melodies and help each other in the creativity of memorable songs.

Your baby, wine, sodas or have snacks, simple things we all do, but some fans did not believe that they were and are human beings, who live and feel, who are wrong and rectify, or not. That audiovisual document that took so long to show gives a lot, but the experts expected more.

But others extol the effort of the four Beatles. "It is a profound work, multidimensional and creative in its own right ", Jered Hester argued in a column in The New York Times.

"The almost eight hours of Get Back: they are almost eight hours of symphonic tedium and complicated revelation ", wrote James Parker in The Atlantic.

I agree that the excessive time in the three chapters leaves much of the image and genius of the four geniuses of music, development of rock when it seemed finished after the brilliant decade of the 50 in which it caused a furor in the world, but at times it amuses and provides data on the character of each of the members of The Beatles.

While Alexis Petridis said in a column in Britain's The Guardian that “Peter Jackson's Get Back is a documentary series designed to address the concerns of (Ringo) Starr ”and alludes to the other members: “Harrison is alternately surly and fussy… Lennon is visibly, without joy ... Bravely trying to brighten things up "; and "McCartney continues to slide into passive-aggressive cajoling."

Get Back displays a large image, happier from the project 1969 when the band intends to create and produce a new album, rehearse the songs and perform them live within two weeks, several experts in the world of pop music coincide.

While on the heights of the building the Beatles and their collaborators, wives, some friends indulge in their Get Back songs that come up spontaneously in those sessions, Don´t let me down and other topics, disbelievers and fans sneak to other terraces and many look up and stop. Two policemen arrive at the offices on the first floor in anger and threaten if they do not stop the activity.

The two go upstairs and listen as The Beatles play Get Back and Paul improvises.: "Get back Loretta because your mom is angry and you can be arrested", alluding to the policemen who are joined by a plump sergeant who the secretary tells him to go up but to stay on the fourth floor because there are many people on the terrace and he could succumb ... go up without understanding the sarcasm.

With the police present they close the concert and leave. They return the next day to finish the recordings of the then LP "Long Play" that would be released the following year..