Geovany Galeas: "For the moment, to the President alone touches make patches "

photo VD: Maria T. Pérez.
By Maria T. Pérez

The Savior. The story is endless, and with the passage of time its protagonists may suffer unimaginable metamorphosis, such is the case Geovany Galeas, that years after fighting the guerrillas, now is an adviser to a president who, according to him, "It has no ideology".

They have passed over 27 years since former Salvadoran guerrillas and the government signed the peace accords in El Salvador, that although they ended more than a decade of armed conflict, They did not close the wounds and these continue to bleed, according analyzes Galeas.

further, They met this year 30 years “Offensive to the stop”, the armed attack that led the guerrilla to take certain bastions of San Salvador, and today protest music is heard in the United States, in a nightclub in Houston, Galeas where he met a group of Salvadorans organized party committees New Ideas, the party of President Najib Bukele.

As an emissary of Salvadoran President, Galeas talked about his new trench as adviser to a "bug flaquillo, Daddy's Son", as he referred to his now boss..

helmets;, fervent admirer of the former commander Joaquin Villalobos, now a professor at Oxford, England, He said the goal of both parties was not the end of armed conflict, as most think.

"What it is signed… rather an obscure agreement signed, where big business is allied with the party Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front, to continue taking advantage of the people”.

that alliance, according Galeas, It has led to keep the people in a chaotic situation, since neither the right nor the left were interested in working for people.

Questioned by the first decisions of members of the former guerrilla, and turned into political party, as the approval of the Value Added Tax (VAT) through the support of the former commander Villalobos, He noted that this was a "serious mistake".

further, said the former guerrilla “even great leaders make big mistakes, and Joaquin made big mistakes, as ransom for a person who had been kidnapped, and even when they had killed”.

The kidnapped who refers Galeas, is Roberto Poma, who she was killed in captivity, and it was Villalobos who decided to continue negotiations on the rescue with family, since this would be exchanged for Ana Guadalupe Martinez and Rodolfo Mariano Jiménez, two guerrilla leaders who were prisoners at the hands of the Salvadoran National Police.

But nevertheless, as adviser President, This is the time for the country to take a new direction. The way of doing politics in these times, warrants new strategies. War strategies, of combat. ¿Cibernéticas? He asked Voice of Diaspora.

“Discarding weapons, any strategy that leads being necessary to take forward the project designed to rebuild a country, that today, It is mired in poverty, misery, violence and high cost of living”, answered.

“For the moment, to President Bukele only touches make patches of all the barbarities committed scoundrels and vague”. he pointed.

For nearly three hours, Galeas even joked about his past in the ranks of the guerrillas, He said more than once feared but not fled “simply because they could not find the way out of the mountain”.

For drawing lines 2021

Galeas used his visit to Houston to announce that in the coming days, in the American union will open 60 Partner sites that Salvadorans can sign up for the match.

According to the organizers, New Ideas aspires to win 56 deputies for the elections of the 2021, This number makes qualified majority in the Salvadoran Congress, which would benefit engage the government to achieve its plans and projects.

Thus, to achieve this number will start a battle that will begin in the United States, so that the population residing abroad could make the difference if they have the chance of voting abroad.

For that, according Galeas, in the first months of 2020, the Executive may submit an application for reform of electoral laws, in order to assert the right to vote compatriots living outside El Salvador.

Among the reforms also they seek less than five compatriots living abroad, have the opportunity to participate as candidates for the legislature and mayoral.

New ideas will perform the processing of the 22 November to Saturday 1 from December, opening invitation to join this political institute.

According to organizers, This process is done through a website that will be announced in the coming days, because it is still being created.

photo VD: Maria T. Pérez.
photo VD: Maria T. Pérez.