26 November, 2022

Georgia says yes to the Democrats

Photo: Courtesy.

Maria T. Morales

The electoral victory of two Democratic senators in Georgia, paved the way for Joe Biden, president-elect of the United States, keep your campaign promises, since this means the domain of the executive and legislative power.

Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock were the last two key pieces that today, thanks to the African American and Latino vote, they lined up in favor of the Democrats.

With both political pieces, the senate achieved 50 Y 50 but, In the event of a tie, Vice President Kamala Harris will be able to tie the tie for being president of the Senate.

Georgia held second round of elections, after no candidate achieved the number of votes set for victory in the recent elections.

The reactions of politicians and Biden supporters were overshadowed by a massive protest by supporters of Donald Trump who stormed the Capitol as Congress was in session to certify their victory..