27 September, 2022
By Dra. Margarita Mendoza Burgos

They are emotionally fragile, transparent, dual, very informed, technological ... They have between 18 Y 25 years, They are the children of Generation X parents and are called the Crystal Generation.

That term, that became so popular lately, was coined by the Spanish philosopher Monserrat Nebrera. "For everything they claim, they complain about everything, they cry for everything ", some describe them, who even use that nickname in a pejorative way.

In the U.S, for example, in addition to being very careful young people who are quite informed by technology, want to make changes to the information of past generations as a way to avoid problems of discrimination based on race or sexual inclinations.

They have reached the point of wanting to remove terminologies from books or movies that were written in times past as a way to prevent children from inheriting it and continuing to replicate it..

But nevertheless, they do not realize that discrimination is part of human nature and it would be more convenient to educate parents than simply remove unwanted information.

The same has happened with human sexuality and we have seen how now it is spoken with more learning and young people try to use it in a responsible way.

A fairly common mistake is to confuse the Crystal Generation with millennials and centennials, especially because they come together in the same age range.

But those from "Cristal" are a more select group and with very particular characteristics., among them the one of always being manifesting -generally on digital platforms- feelings, reviews, or complaints.

That is why it is not surprising that they are advocates of global causes such as climate change or other movements., and to oppose authority figures, whether they are parents, institutions and the state itself.

That profile fits perfectly with that of Swedish environmental activist Gretha Thunberg., of 18 years, probably the standard bearer of this Crystal Generation.

Perhaps the most marked feature is that of instability, and it is something that not only has to do with age.

This may show in your personality, since their parents spoiled them a lot and they have lived a more privileged life than their predecessors with so much technological advancement.

Yes, their actions have more impact due to their skillful handling of social networks, especially on issues of environmentalism or the fight against discrimination.

At the labor level, they can contribute to the competitiveness and agility of companies.

In fact, among the key profiles that Tom Kelley describes, author of the bestseller “Las 10 faces of innovation ", includes several characteristics of this generation such as learning.

That is to say, people who remain open to new perspectives.
Another attribute is organization, since they adapt to different situations; and also construction, as they accept the definition of the problem and work within it to improve.

further, the Crystal Generation has high self-esteem, or at least higher than previous generations, where we were marginalized by our elders, We were not allowed to comment and have our own criteria. At that time more education was "cincho, the flip-flop or the blow ”that rationalizing with them, as it happens in the present time.

In a couple of decades, This Generation will inherit the power to rule the world and will have the ability to demonstrate that their concerns are genuine and sustainable, not just fleeting impulses that volatilize in midair.