Galveston beachless, independence parade or light show

Local authorities recommended the population, refrain from public meetings, and enjoy at home and with your family, no visits, in order to avoid the increase of contagions due to the pandemic.

By Maria T. Morales

Houston, Texas. It is 4 of July, there will be no bonfires, picnics, outdoor barbecues, much less parades and pyrotechnic shows.

But, despite the pandemic, many Americans already wear the colors of the national symbols that recall that 4 July 1776 when independence from Britain was announced, does 244 years.

As a preventive measure due to the increase in infections due to the COVID-19 pandemic, local authorities in Galveston, announced the closure, over the long weekend, for the celebration of the independence of the United States.

Measure, does not include closing businesses such as restaurants, authorities clarified; However, many merchants may, in the absence of clients, choose to reduce costs and also choose to close.

Galveston Cash, also announced, Recently, the cancellation of the traditional light show, what year after year, performs to commemorate, the 4 of July, the national holidays.

This ad fell like a bucket of cold water to business owners, both big and small on the island, since this is a real attraction for children and adults.

The population, this year, will be forced to watch fireworks from their homes, since also in cities like Houston, Dallas and some counties in Texas have banned the sale of gunpowder.

Gunpowder dealers have also been affected, since according to research from Voice of the Diaspora, shipments of fireworks from China, were already on the way when the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in that country.

"People should not be afraid to buy Chinese gunpowder or rockets, because they are not contaminated ’’, clarified a merchant, who avoided identifying.

He added that regularly, fireworks, and another type of powder, usually remains stored, four to six months in advance of the holidays.