Gallo will continue Maurice cacaraqueando

Foto/ Pixabay
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Maurice gallo was sued by a retired couple because they disturbed sleep. The incident occurred in the town of Saint Pierre d'Oléron southwest of France.

The mayor of the city, Christophe Sueur, He rejected the demand of the residents saying “We have always lived with orchards, chicken coops and have a fairly traditional life”; and she relied on the visit made by an official of the institution to verify the singing of Maurice. With three field visits, It concluded that the rooster crowed between 6:30 Y 7:00 am, and they not from the four in the morning as claimed by the plaintiffs.

The delegate also said, the noise was "audible", but it was not strong if the windows were closed.

"Maurice won and the plaintiffs will have to pay the owner a thousand euros for damages", said the lawyer of the owner of the bird. "It is a victory for all the people in my situation, I hope you believe jurisprudence "added the owner of Maurice, which it has been making headlines around the world.

Maurice is now the symbol of the “rurality” in France.