Celebration of St. Lucia, a Swedish Christmas tradition

Text and Photos: Marlon Hernandez

En la plaza Stortorget, in front of the Nobel Museum in the old city of Stockholm, the route of the celebration of Saint Lucia begins.

The 13 December is a very special date in Sweden, and in part of the Scandinavian region, that day is the celebration of Saint Lucia, a beautiful tradition full of magic and light reminiscent of a Sicilian martyr. This is one of the most important ceremonies in Swedish culture.

In the procession a young woman who plays Saint Lucia, she is accompanied by bridesmaids and a group of gentlemen, called "star boys" (In Swedish: star boys). Sometimes younger children are included, emulating elves.

The procession makes a tour or circuit, filling the churches with light and joy, work places, schools and hospitals, with their candles and songs in honor of Saint Lucia.