16 August, 2022

Foundations of Institutional Communication

Photo: Courtesy.

By José Eduardo Cubías Colorado

Continuando con las cápsulas. This time there is a break in the area of ​​the Press function, to learn more about journalistic work.

1º. The greatest responsibility falls on journalistic work, in terms of news coverage of events and activities of the institution, the development of informational materials, sending it to the media, management so that they are published in a timely manner. This work monopolizes near 60 percent of Institutional Communication.

2º. El documento de información más importante y más inmediato es el comunicado de Prensa (misnamed "Newsletter"), whose content presents the official version of the institution, on the events in which senior officials of the institution participate, the document must be delivered to the journalists who have attended the event, or send them through virtual channels.

The notice, has a very specific format, should contain limited information and address institutional points of interest.

3º. The Press function must ensure that the institution is recognized as an information source, by virtue of the broadcast of real news to the media, of public interest not only institutional so that it is published in the “free news spaces”. The Press Chief must maintain mutual cooperation relations with reporters who visit the institution as a source of information..

4º, The Press Conference, the most important event of Institutional Communication, which should not be abused, reveals the convening power of the press officer. Have a "Full House",  it is aspiration.

Often happens, when there are newsworthy points that are on the news agenda of the moment, or be a temporary issue that provokes reactions to open a debate before the Public Opinion of convenience for the medium. The press release must be delivered at the end of the event.

5º. It is not enough for the press chief to know the journalists, but also that journalists meet the press chief, more than the official who directs the institution, for reasons of trust in the informative work and his professional performance as a journalist. You must also maintain good union relations.

End of the second installment.