Armed Forces of El Salvador derecognized several elements, including the former Minister of Defense

Photo: @MDefensa_SV
For Recinos Kriscia

The Armed Forces of El Salvador FAES discharged the former Minister of Defense, David Munguia Payés. This became known through the general order of the Armed Forces, for the month June.

The removal order includes the general Carlos Jaime Torres Mena, who he was deputy minister in the administration of President Salvador Sanchez Ceren; and former commander of Special Forces, Colonel Juan Fernando Molina Membreño.

Total dropped out nine general, one of eight division and brigade, they were relieved and called the Joint Chiefs.

In positions and controls exercised by the generals they were appointed colonels, including the Ministry of Defense.

other retired

there was also low Captain Miguel Antonio Hernandez Escobar, Nehemiah Chief Warrant Officer Sergio Jurado and Lieutenant Commander, Lary Algiers Mejia Acevedo.

He also ordered, the removal of the commander of the Sixth Brigade, Colonel Jaime Ernesto Arias and director of the Military Hospital, Colonel Oscar Alfredo Briceño.

Adds to retreat director of the library of the Armed Forces, Colonel Ernesto Fabricio Roque.

controversial appointment

In the Third Infantry Brigade Colonel Edilberto David Montalvo he was appointed Iglesias, passes replace General Brigade Enrique Acosta Bonilla.

Montalvo churches are involved in a trial for the torture case against two young residents in the municipality of Apaneca, in the west of the country. In this case they were convicted of various elements of troop.

The general called the Joint Chiefs would be available as they fix documentation allowing them to retire.