El Salvador Armed Forces blocks access to the truth about the El Mozote massacre

In the massacre of El Mozote and nearby places that occurred in Morazán in 1981 about a thousand people were killed, mostly boys and girls. At present, after the ruling of unconstitutionality of the amnesty law in 2016, the judicial process of the case continues against 18 military officers accused in this trial.

The judge of the case, based in San Francisco Gotera, has requested the opening of the military archives; but nevertheless, after at least 4 visits to military headquarters has not been allowed access to the judge and archival experts. This in practice means that both President Bukele, in his capacity as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and the Minister of Defense Merino Monroy are disobeying a court order and the conviction sentence issued in 2012 on this case against the Salvadoran State by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

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