Heavy rains hit Texas

Henderson, Texas. Photos: Concepción Koreas.
By Deysi Dominguez

Several cities in Texas were affected, due to strong winds and torrential rains, still remain in the area. These began on Tuesday and is expected to be maintained Thursday.

Houston was the first to feel the effects of floods, since Tuesday afternoon, and as the night wore other affected areas were reported, the degree to issue evacuation warnings in four districts in the area.

Henderson, Texas. Photos: Concepción Koreas.

Parishioners participating in religious events in Henderson, se vieron obligados a esperar a que los niveles de agua bajaran para llegar hasta sus residencias. While elsewhere, water levels caused several houses were flooded and residents were evacuated by authorities.

One of the collapsed roads, chimmey Rock Street Houston was closed overnight by authorities, due to accumulation of water. further, New Caney districts, Cleveland, Splendora y Huffman, They closed their schools by floods.

Calle Chimmey Rock, Houston, Texas. Photo: Maria Diaz.
While, in Kingwood, north of the city of Houston, authorities also reported evacuations and fitted out shelters for those affected. From Tuesday morning, Meteorological officials warned of the presence of rain that could pose danger of flooding.