Border besieged by massive influx of migrants

The region formed by the sister cities of El Paso-Juarez-Las Cruces makes up a large international metropolitan area called Pass North, where more than 2.7 million residents. This forms the largest bilingual and bi-national workforce in the Western Hemisphere. Almost 20,000 pedestrians, 35,000 cars and 2,500 trucks between Juarez and El Paso, circulate daily by the international crossings of the border, shuttling from one city to another, to live, study or work. Photo: Diego Murcia.
By Diego Murcia

Imagine being stranded for ten hours, on a stretch of road no more than two hundred meters long, to go to work or school. This is the ordeal that some residents of the border between Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and El Paso, U.S, They are living for three weeks.

Waiting times have increased since the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) He moved to agents Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) to help process the thousands of asylum seekers who have begun arriving in this sector since late last year. The mayor of El Paso, Dee Margo, said long waiting times of the bridge will likely affect revenue sales taxes in El Paso, Mexico with fewer buyers who make the trip across the border.

Local entrepreneurs say that every day, due to delays in transporting goods from one country to another, It is costing millions of dollars. Losses are such that many maquiladoras began to choose to send their raw materials or finished products by air, what, coupled with timeouts, will increase the prices of goods. But, according to Luis Aguirre, President of the National Council of the Maquiladora Industry and Export Manufacturing (Index), at the least in El Paso, Texas, already they sold out options cargo charter flights.

To reduce the discomfort of motorists trapped in their vehicles trying to reach the other side, Ciudad Juarez authorities have placed portable toilets along the roads leading to the three main ports of entry of the city to the United States. Although this may mean a small reduction in the discomfort caused by the situation, border require an early solution to the authorities of both governments.

In the international bridge Ysleta-Zaragoza, some entry lanes that have been closed as a result of personal withdrawal of official border crossings to help process the massive influx of migrants to the United States observed, through El Paso, Texas. History repeats itself in other border points, being only the input ports of Baja California are operating normally those. Photo: Diego Murcia.
Juarez and El Paso are condemned to coexistence and codependency. From the side of Juarez, have average basis hundred maquiladoras -many of American origin- They are working with all types of industries, from cars and electronics, to trim and take advantage of the cheap labor of Mexicans. On the other hand, El Paso is a strategic city for the security interests of the United States, which also it happens to be an epicenter for railway transport, trucks, buses and cars, halfway between the east and west coasts. Here enters trade valued at 26.5 billion, according to the report 2017, International Trade Administration of the United States. Photo: Diego Murcia.
A group of Customs Agents Research walking between cars waiting to cross, since before six o'clock, the bridge The Bridge of the Americas (THE WORLD). In 2017, the Department of Transportation EE. THE. estimated that there 41 million crossings noncommercial north from Juarez to El Paso, a count even more than the population of California. It is for this reason that, while the Tijuana region, Mexico-San Ysidro, California, It ranks as the largest land border in the world in terms of volume of crosses, the Juarez and El Paso is the region of the largest urban frontier of the world. Photo: Diego Murcia.
According to data estimated by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of El Paso, each year the residents of Ciudad Juarez spend 2 thousand 400 million in the city of El Paso, a figure that would be affected by the massive influx of migrants to the region. The authorities can not overcome the situation and categorized as an unprecedented event. "In all the country, CBP had more than 12,000 migrant custody this week. The agency believes that 4,000 is a high number of migrants in custody and 6,000 to be a crisis level, the department said in a press release, A few weeks ago ago. Photo: Diego Murcia.
To prevent thousands of migrants being presented to the authorities in El Paso border crossing for the most vulnerable points of the mesh that divides El Paso from Ciudad Juarez, US troops have begun to place wire type razor to the foot of said structure. The measurement occurs weeks after the Border Patrol publish a video observed a group of 247 undocumented immigrants crossing the US. THE. dawn on Wednesday 16 of January of 2019 en Antelope Wells, N.M. CBP began installing concrete barriers and concertina wire on the US side of the input ports in February, as the number of migrants arriving in Juárez began to increase. Nowadays, It is estimated that there are about three thousand migrants in Juarez waiting for their chance to apply for asylum in the US. THE.
Photo: Diego Murcia.