deadly and dangerous cold hits the US this week

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Central and northeastern United States are preparing for cold temperatures break records. National Weather Service (IT), extreme weather forecast for the next five days, caused by a blast of cold arctic.

According to forecasts, between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, Chicago recorded temperatures up -30o C. While for Thursday, temperatures descend further and could reach -40o C.

In the Midwest and Great Lakes region it is expected, the wind and snow cause low temperatures reach of -50o C feel. Due to extreme weather conditions, some flights could be suspended and closed well, roads.

Temperatures this winter have, They have been the lowest since the early 90.

The cold wave that hit North America, It is already affecting Canada. Monday, authorities suspended the activities in the area of ​​Ontario, due to weather conditions, where it was expected to fall between 15 Y 25 centimeters of snow.