Internal fortress, innovation and self-control, the formula for success

Mariana Atencio, International Speaker.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The host, author and international speaker, Mariana Atencio will dictate the PPTalk “Rocking 21” for free, sponsored by Panama Pacifíco. The motivational speaker is an avant-garde figure, with a global perspective. Focuses on strategies to figure out what we want, and how to take control of our lives.

Leaving the 2020, where external factors such as the pandemic dictated many of these decisions, Mariana's “Control” formula is a proven mechanism to identify what you want and how to get it in this 2021.

In this sense, We invite you to participate in their free PPTalk "Rocking 21", sponsored by Panama Pacifico, in which the motivational speaker, Journalist, tv presenter, motivator and author, Mariana Atencio will tell you how to achieve what you want in your life through inner strength, the innovation, self-control and a proven formula to increase productivity, wellness and success on your own terms.

Mariana Atencio is an author with a sales record, award-winning journalist and speaker with a Viral TEDxtalk talk with over 15 million views, has been described by the Huffington Post as “One of the leading voices in America's newsrooms” who has spent the last decade studying the crucial questions to discover what it means to achieve balance and happiness in the century 21.

His first book, "Perfectly You": The power of the authentic, is a call to action to unlock the magic of our personal and professional potential.

Fortune companies 500 like microsoft, Citi Private Bank, LinkedIn, UBS, Nasdaq and Spotify, among many others have hired Mariana to share this transformative message with their workforce.

Mariana has participated in special presentations with the BBC in London, The Today Show; Good Morning America y The Daily Show, as well as being one of the central figures of the award-winning HBO series “Habla Now”, as part of the leaders defining the "Latino Experience in the United States".

In 2018, Mariana co-founded the GoLike company, that has already achieved collaborations with companies of the highest level such as Well Fargo, McDonald’s, National Geographic and the Census Bureau, among other. GoLike was also named by Hola magazine! as one of the 100 most successful businesses of Latina entrepreneurs.

We invite you to be part of this transformative Masterclass that will bring to your life: Innovation, Productivity, Diversity, Authenticity and Personal Development.

The virtual event will be held next 11 February through the Zoom platform. For information on how to participate, enter @panamapacifico's social networks