27 September, 2022

Spring blooms with Spanish theater in Canada

Oscar Vigil

Toronto, Glen. City of Toronto, the metropolis of theatrical presentations in Canada, also produced stage works in Spanish. Weekend, dozens of people appreciated the work "Multiple Choice", It is presented by the Theater Group Libre, a community organization that has more than ten years of experience on stage.

The play tells the story of a woman (Diana) which it has five contrasting personalities, product of childhood trauma. The plot is developed in the attempt to constant interaction with other individuals Diana, that is affected when their alter-egos (Julia, Petra, Olga and bloodhound) involved in its decision-making. With help from his psychotherapist, the protagonist will try to dominate their alter-egos to begin an unexpected love story.

"Multiple Choice" is a work of Luis Mario Moncada Mexican playwright, which it was premiered at the Palmerston Library Theater in Toronto under the direction and adaptation of known local artist Luis Rojas.

In its opening, the plot was executed with professionalism by most actors, some of which have a lot of experience in the tables while for others this was their first experience, says the director of Grupo Teatro Libre Luis Rojas.

Because this is community theater, abounds, of "actors to stage ten, 20 years of experience, with someone who is first climbs on tables. Here there is no casting, anyone who wants to do theater can exchange experience, knowledge, and those with more experience shared with those who have less ".

But obviously for staging there is a process in which work is done with reading table, He asks who wants to act, reading is done and is trying to characters in different roles. "Holding an assembly has a lot of work, it is not only the performance, It has scenery, illumination, locker room, scene elements, transitions, el ‘stage managment’, etc. All who make up the group participate in one way or another ", says the director.

On Saturday night the room was a little over 50% of capacity, in its most Hispanic countries but also Canadians who speak Spanish, and Rojas explains that doing theater is complicated either in Spanish or any other language, "It is always a challenge, and one of the hardest things is to have a public, because there is no theater without an audience, so, call have to perform eight functions and has public each is a challenge ".

Free Theater Group is a grassroots group, Community, open to everyone and in which everyone who wants to participate can do so in one way or another. But beyond that, It is also a theater group that seeks to bring a message to your audience, and that's what happens with the play "Multiple Choice", with which, Aside from presenting the very stagecraft, also it seeks to raise awareness about mental illness.

"It's a reflection with the community to understand this reality of our society are our mental illness. Because the health system in the province, for example, pays the psychiatrist, but not the psychologist, and we must pay attention to this sensitive issue and real in our society that is mental health ", Rojas says.

In its purely theatrical aspect, "Multiple Choice" manages to create scenarios that need the story with relatively few resources, with the play of light and obviously with the performance of its protagonists, who they are in the end that will give meaning to history.

Special mention live music that accompanies participation in all scenes, and which transports the audience into those "scenes in more dreamlike and conceptual environments" that requires this work, as defined by producers.

In the end, the success of the presentation of "Multiple Choice" in Palmerston tables could be verified with the euphoric reaction of the public, an audience that is apparently avid theater in Spanish and transmission of emotions that this occurs when a good story is well told by actors.