Nuevo León Prosecutor's Office retracts in Debanhi Escobar case

Last image alive of Debanhi Escobar
Photo: Courtesy

By Miriam Garcia

Mexico.- The Nuevo Leon Prosecutor's Office, Mexico, has released the existence of videos in which the young Debanhi Escobar is allegedly seen entering the motel where her body was later found, inside a tank. But nevertheless, These videos do not add information to know how it is that the young woman from 18 years ended up inside the cistern.

With this new evidence, The Mexican State Prosecutor's Office retracts previous statements provided, ensuring that the Nueva Castilla motel, I had no security footage. At that moment, declared that “From the beginning we went there to the hotel (New Castile), but the videos are not recorded, they only have monitoring, that was a problem. Since we started the investigations, We ask them for the videos but they do not record”. However, this Sunday they presented security videos, recorded by the hotel cameras, to Escobar's family.

According to Debanhi's father, mario escobar, although the young woman is seen walking through the corridors of the place, there are no more indications that conclude any other fact, and you can't see how it gets to the place where the cistern is, which is at ground level, and in a secluded and abandoned space of the enclosure. "That's all I can say because it's all you see and I can't lie," he said.. for relatives, the line of investigation into a possible femicide should not be abandoned, because they assure that the body of the young woman presented blows and signs of suffocation.

Escobar's family assures that there are also videos, Although its origin is not clear, in which it is seen that the young woman suffers an attempted harassment by the taxi driver who was supposedly commissioned by her friends to take her home. Night 9 of April, Debanhi's friends abandoned a fifth, where were they gathered, After arguing with her, they ordered the driver, Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero, to return her to her home.. The Prosecutor's Office has questioned Guerrero, and checked his taxi, without finding evidence against him. The authorities handle the cause of Escobar's death as a blow to the head when he fell into the cistern.

But nevertheless, After these new discoveries, the case will be taken up by the Specialized Prosecutor for Femicides of the State of Nuevo León, that he will repeat the interrogations of the people involved, as well as the investigations. The case of the young Debanhi Escobar adds to the 327 cases of missing women reported from January to April of this year in Nuevo León, according to data provided by the state governor himself, Samuel Garcia.

In 2021, Nuevo León ranked as the fifth Mexican state with the most femicides, according to the Executive Secretary of the National Public Security System.