Prosecution of El Salvador initiated investigation into cases of torture during the war

Photo: Yaneth Estrada @caricheop
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Juan Jose Dalton, son of renowned Salvadoran poet Roque Dalton, Tuesday came to the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) accompanied by his lawyer Benjamin Cuellar to expand its denunciation of torture, violations of human rights and breaking international treaties during the armed conflict (1980-1992).

He stressed that his request for justice 38 years, first of its kind, becomes more important due to impunity and because there is a new attempt to pass another amnesty law in the Legislature. It is worth mentioning, the first General Amnesty Law for the Consolidation of Peace approved 1993, It was repealed in 2016 by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court (CSJ) and given until next July to present a genuine National Reconciliation Act.

According to statements by Dalton, in October 1981 while a fighter was captured FPL, he was wounded, and "brutally" tortured along with two others, including a guerilla of Dominican origin, in a town north of the country and later transferred to the Air Force base.

Among those mentioned are former Minister of Defense Jose Guillermo Garcia and former commander of the Air Force Juan Rafael Bustillo, both tried in other courts massacres perpetrated by the army during the last civil war (1980-1992). He also asked to investigate Rafael Flores Lima, former head of the Joint Chiefs, and Francisco Morán, former director of the Treasury Police.

Attorney Benjamin Cuellar, Laboratory Research and Social Action Against Impunity, He said that the actions denounced constitute a war crime, since Dalton and his companions were "prisoners of war" and did not resist. further, He lambasted the two leftist governments not to open files of the Armed Forces, not to dismiss involved and to protect "confessed murderers", He said.

The possible adoption of another amnesty law, He considered to be the relatives of the victims, who must demand that the country's justice system, the truth, condernar the culprits and repair.

On the other hand, Juan Jose Dalton recalled that currently the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court (CSJ) processes an amparo with your family seeks to reopen a trial for the murder of his father. And to "analyze" sue the last two presidents (Mauricio Funes and Salvador Sanchez Ceren), by failing to act on allegations.

The complaint filed in May FGR 2010, 35 years later, seeks to know the truth of the facts ... "to punish their perpetrators and receive full compensation due".

The poet, journalist, essayist and novelist Antonio Roque Dalton Garcia was killed 10 May 1975, to the 39 year old, the place of his death is still unknown.

Roque Dalton was kidnapped 13 April 1975, the charges brought against him was two, He is incriminated to promote insubordination and desertion; the second was suspected of being a CIA agent.

For this fact, Ninth Judge of Peace of San Salvador was asked to make the initial hearing against two of those involved, Joaquin Villalobos and Jorge Armando Meléndez Huezo López (Director of Civil Protection). But nevertheless, the 9 of January of 2012 He dictated dismissal on the grounds that the crime of Dalton had prescribed in the margin of the existing Criminal Code.

further, the Commission recommended that the Salvadoran government to reopen the case Roque Dalton, all evidence collected over the years, They work nicely as legal evidence.