Attorney General of Panama resigns from office as of 1 of March

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Attorney General of Panama, Eduardo Ulloa will leave office on 1 March after presenting his “irrevocable resignation” a year after being appointed by President Laurentino Cortizo, according to a video released Wednesday by the Public Ministry.

Ulloa's resignation, that surprised the country, It occurs in the midst of the demands of civil society that asks for speed in judicial processes, and an in-depth investigation into the recent scandal for alleged abuse against minors cared for in some shelters supervised by the State derived from a legislative investigation.

Ulloa explained in the letter of resignation that during his tenure he dealt with a society in permanent confrontation where interested criticism and media judgment left behind the serene and objective analysis, turning public service into "an ungrateful and misunderstood job.".

In this context "... I present to you the irrevocable resignation of my position as Attorney General of the Nation as of March 1, 2021 hoping that it contributes to the reflection of all Panamanians ... ", Ulloa explained in the letter addressed to the Panamanian president.

Ulloa was appointed to the position by President Laurentino Cortizo in 2019 to complete a period of 10 years ending in 2024, after being vacated due to the resignation of former attorney Kenia Porcell.

"Today we take a step aside not to evade an obligation but with the hope that this decision will have the necessary effect on the Panamanian nation ...", he added.