17 August, 2022

Body search ended at Miami's Champlain Tower

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Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The authorities confirmed that the corpse rescue tasks ended after finding a 96 people, but nevertheless, missing persons continue to be registered and forensics are trying to identify some remains.

Although almost all the rubble was removed, It is not yet a safe area and the Surfside landscape has changed dramatically. A part of the foundational walls are still standing and according to specialists they are a danger to passersby.

Engineer Alyin Kilsheimer was hired by the county to investigate the causes of the collapse, warned in a document that there are foundations on the ground that could collapse. The land has the possibility of being saturated with rainwater, situation that represents a danger to neighbors.

The specialist recommended that when the traffic opens, the area is marked and the passage is not allowed on the sidewalk that corresponds to the building:

"People could fall into a deep hole, so the authorities must intervene ".

Faced with the warnings, there is no official pronouncement from the county that it expects to reopen circulation in no more than a week, meanwhile the area is still fenced.