Federer his 12th Wimbledon final after beating Nadal

Photo: @Wimbledon
By Dennis Aguillón

It was not a party to any, It was quite clear. The Spanish and Swiss jumped to Center Court Wimbledon, applauded by the public and received as two true legends.

It was a party to deal with a forcefulness unceremoniously, and the task was accepted by both sides. The Swiss beat the Spanish by 7-6 (3), 1-6, 6-3 Y 6-4 in three hours and five minutes.

For two players with nerves heaven, but with the experience we both have, the situation was controlled.

Photo: @Wimbledon

It was a game that shook the bravest, two players able to ignore any panic, certainly the talent came up.

It was an even game, which at times it became very tense in several sets, but eventually the 8 time champion will make his 31st Grand Slam Final to seek their ninth title and to extend its ranks as the most awarded player. The next Sunday, Federer will face him, al serbio Novak Djokovic.

Photo: @Wimbledon