Colonel Elena Fuentes dies, linked to case of Jesuit massacre in El Salvador

Colonel Francisco Elena Fuentes, passed away this monday 10 of January of 2022 in a hospital in San Salvador (Photo: Courtesy).

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Savior – Colonel Francisco Elena Fuentes, He died last night at the military hospital after being in critical health condition due to brain disorders in recent days., according to local press publications and confirmed by judicial sources.

Colonel Elena Fuentes, He was listed as one of the participants in the murder of six Jesuit priests, and two collaborators, in the massacre of the José Simeón Cañas Central American University (UCA), happened on 16 November 1989, during the guerrilla offensive.  

He was part of the military group known as "La Tandona", at the time of the UCA massacre, Elena Fuentes was commander of the First Infantry Brigade in San Salvador.

It was one of the 17 military to whom the Spanish judge, Eloy Velasco, An arrest warrant was issued for the death of five Spanish Jesuit priests, but the extraditions were denied by the Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador.

In the case of the massacre of the Jesuit priests and two of their collaborators, the material perpetrators were convicted and later favored with an amnesty law as a result of the peace agreements between the fmln command and the government of Alfredo Cristiani..

In 2016 The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador declares the law unconstitutional and orders the Legislative Assembly to approve a new law that until today the resolution has not been effective.

The 8 September 2020, the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), without obeying the sentence of unconstitutionality of the Amnesty Law,21Ordered to close the criminal case for the massacre.

The 5 of January of 2022, The Constitutional Chamber deems protection against the resolution of the Criminal Chamber that declared the absolute nullity of the criminal proceeding brought against the persons linked to the Jesuits Case, this gives rise to reopen the case.

Of this case, the 3 February 2021, the Supreme Court of Spain, where a judicial process was carried out, confirmed the conviction against Colonel Inocente Orlando Montano. His sentence was 26 years, 8 months and a day in jail for each of the five murders; that is to say, a total of 133 years in prison.

For the moment, Montano is the only one convicted in this international instance.

Of the group of soldiers known as "La Tandona" and who have been identified as being responsible for the Jesuit case, Colonel René Emilio Ponce died in May 2011 and now Colonel Francisco Elena Fuentes, January of 2022.