electrical fault caused the fire that destroyed computer equipment of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of El Salvador

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The fire that destroyed the computer that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of El Salvador (TSE) use for data transmission in the next presidential elections in February, It was caused by a short circuit, National Civil Police said the Central American country.

According to recorded images between 4 Y 5 am on Saturday before the cameras internal security, before the fire flashes in electrical cables then gave rise to the loss appreciated, Commissioner Francisco Parada said Batres, designated officer of PNC as a liaison with the TSE.

The fire damaged completely 180 stored in the pavilion four International Center for Fairs and Conventions in San Salvador equipment CIFCO.

According to investigations, transmission equipment was damaged data, It corresponds to 25% with which the TSE has, and amounts to 180 devices that were in Block Four, designated to issue the election results of the department of San Salvador, Parada said.

On the other hand, he described as "successful" test data that the electoral body held last Sunday 6 from January, where the police officers provided protection to more than 500 routes established in the country for the transport of ballots and equipment TSE.

Stop Batres said the PNC ensure the safety of voters next 3 February, in more than 5,500 polling that will feature of agents both inside and outside the premises.

El Salvador prepares to elect a new president to replace the current president Salvador Sanchez Ceren.

The National Registry of Natural Persons (RNPN) specifies that the standard for elections 3 February has reached 5,652,307 Salvadorans.